Key Skills ICT Level 2 Word Mini Test

All the questions are based on the two documents shown below. For each question, click on the circle next to the correct answer. The yellow and green arrows are not part of the documents, they are used to highlight the section(s) of the document that the question(s) refer to.

When you have finished the test, Click the 'Score my test' button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions on the Score page that appears. Good luck!

Question number 1
The leaflet has been formatted with three columns of:

A. equal widths and no spacing
B. variable widths and no spacing
C. equal widths and equal spacing
D. variable widths and equal spacing


Question number 2
The paragraphs in the leaflet are formatted with a

A. first line indent
B. hanging indent
C. right indent
D. left indent


Question number 3
The user could take a picture from a magazine and insert it into the document by using a

A. browser
B. clip-art file
C. microphone
D. digital scanner


Question number 4
The image outlined by the yellow box has been positioned:

document 2
A. above the text
B. behind the text
C. in front of the text
D. using text wrapping
Question number 5
The list outlined by the green box is presented inconsistently due to
document 3

A. bullet size
B. bullet indentation
C. text indentation
D. paragraph formatting

Question number 6
The text arrowed should read 'It's as easy as that. This error can be found automatically by the program by using
document 4

A. a grammar checker
B. a spell checker
C. print preview
D. a dictionary

Questions 7 to 10 are about the document below:

Question number 7
The purpose of the User Survey form is to

A. order goods
B. just advertise goods
C. advertise goods and collect information
D. advertise goods and summarise information


Question number 8
The type of software application most suited to storing the survey information obtained would be

A. database
B. graphics
C. browser
D. e-mail

Question number 9
There is a problem with the table at the point arrowed. To fix it, the user should
survey 2

A. remove the tick boxes
B. merge the cells in the row
C. increase the height of the row
D. increase the width of the table

Question number 10
To provide a tick box in the part of the table highlighted in yellow the user should
survey c

A. split the cell into two columns and one row
B. split the cell into one column and two rows
C. increase the width of the cell's border lines
D. merge the cell with the cells above and below