Key Skills ICT Level 2 - Word Mini Test 2

All the questions are based on the document below. For each question, click on the circle next to the correct answer.

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Plain flyer
Question number 1
The text outlined by the red box below has been made to stand out from the rest by using:
Question 1

A. a bulleted list
B. right alignment
C. a larger font with borders and shading
D. an italic font with underlining

Question number 2
The paragraph outlined below by the red box has been formatted using:
Question 2

A. hanging indent
B. first line indent
C. left whole paragraph indent
D. right whole paragraph indent

Question number 3
In the bulleted text highlighted with the red box below all has the same paragraph settings, the image has therefore been inserted:
Question 3

A. behind text
B. in front of the text
C. using text wrapping
D. without text wrapping

Question number 4
the word 'used' (circled in red below) should be 'use'. This mistake would be found automatically by using:
Question 4

A. print preview
B. drag and drop
C. a spellchecker
D. a grammar checker

Question number 5
The paragraphs highlighted below by the red box are presented inconsistently because of:
Question 5

A. their line spacing
B. their indent measurement
C. their font styles
D. their alignment

Question number 6
The purpose of this document is to:

A. advertise a new membership package
B. advertise the centre's web site
C. keep employees informed
D. collect customer details

Question number 7
A way to position the text highlighted by the red box below is to use:
Question 7

A. left tabs
B. right tabs
C. centre tabs
D. centre alignment

Question number 8
The text highlighted below by the red box has been positioned using:
Question 8

A. tabs
B. indents
C. a text box
D. right alignment


Question number 9
To easily publish this document on their web site so that it could be printed out at its original size, retaining all its layout features, it should be:

A. a linked PDF file
B. an image file
C. remade as a web page
D. refered to with a telephone number to request a copy


Question number 10
Microsoft Word files are a common word processing document file type. What is the usual file extension for this file type?